1128 Hampden Blvd Reading, PA 19604 | 610.375.2333

SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30 – 10:15AM

Children’s Classes

Kids will spend their time learning Bible Stories, doing group projects, playing and singing.  All Sunday School teachers are members of the church and have passed a background check before serving. Check the list below to see what class your child should attend:

  • 0-2 years – 1st Floor Nursery
  • 2-3 year old – Downstairs Classroom
  • 4-5 year old – North Classroom
  • 1st & 2nd Grade – 2nd Floor Classroom
  • 3rd & 4th Grade – Balcony
  • 5th & 6th Grade – 2nd Floor Classroom

Youth Classes

  • 7th through 12th Grade – Sub-Basement (classroom below the kitchen)

Adult Classes

  • Psalms|Sanctuary|Randy Beaver

    “The book of Psalms is a vast repository of accurate insights into what it means to be a human being. There are heights and the depths, the glories and the horrors; hope and despair, joy and desolation. To read the psalms is to explore one’s own
    hidden life and feelings” – Chad Walsh.

    John Calvin called the Psalms “An Anatomy of all Parts of the Soul”. Martin Luther called the Psalms “a little bible”.

    In our six weeks, we will carefully study : Psalms of
    Blessedness, Psalms of God’s Sovereignty, Psalms of
    Repentance, Psalms of Lament and Praise, and Psalms of the Savior.

  • Time for Confidence|Overflow|Pastor LeTowt

    We live in a post-Christian world.  The great majority of people no longer hold to an exclusively Christian worldview. Christian morality and the Bible itself are routinely mocked and
    dismissed.  Yet our culture is starving for community,
    relationships, genuine love, justice, and truth.  These things
    only a relationship with the God of the Bible can provide. Even in the midst of an indifferent and hostile culture, the Christian has tremendous grounds for confidence in God, the Bible, the gospel, and hope. This class will explain where our confidence comes from, and train us to take confident action.

  • Generous Justice|Classroom 2|Ken Myers

    “Hate evil, love good, establish justice… Let justice roll down like waters” (Amos 5:15,24)

    What is Justice? God’s view of Justice? How do we live and
    foster Justice? Should we care about Justice?

    With Tim Keller’s Generous Justice as our “tour guide” we will explore these issues and more from a Biblical perspective.