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Children’s Classes – Sundays in the Fellowship Hall, dismissed after music during the 2nd Worship Service

Children’s Church is currently working through the Pilgrim’s Progress!

Kids will spend their time learning Bible Stories, doing group projects, playing and singing.  All Sunday School teachers are members of the church and have passed a background check before serving. We have recently switched to a new Sunday School curriculum! You can find out about it here. Check the list below to see what class your child should attend:

Sunday school during the 9:30am time will restart on December 6.

  • The balcony is open to parents with infants and toddlers during both services. Children’s Church is in the Fellowship Hall
  • Nursery and the 3 & 4’s department are now open during the 2nd Worship Service!
  • Backpack’s with coloring supplies are available for children sitting through either service.

Youth Classes – Revelation | Pastor Holbert Teaching

  • 6th through 12th Grade – Balcony

Electives for September 6 – November 29

Sundays at 9:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall and Library

  • 12 Women of the Bible | Nancy Grossman | Library | Women Only

    The twelve women we will study were absolutely critical to the story of redemption.  Although they were “genuinely ordinary”, as one author puts it, these women were chosen by their Creator to display His work in and through them.

    Most of these women were ordinary, common, and in some cases shockingly low-caste women – just as the disciples were common men.

    These ordinary women became extraordinary, not because of any innate qualities of their own, but because the one true God whom they worshipped is great, mighty, glorious and awesome.  He refined them like silver.  He redeemed them through the work of a Savior, Jesus Christ, and conformed them to His image.

    The gracious work of God in their lives made each one of these women truly extraordinary.

  • Ezekiel | Pastor LeTowt | Fellowship Hall

    The name, Ezekiel means, “God strengthens.”  The third major prophet, he lived in times of great turmoil for the people of God who needed strengthening.  His mission: speak God’s faithfulness to a broken people and point them to a coming Savior.  The book of Ezekiel is filled with dazzling visions of God, convicting words of correction, and life giving hope.  His words still speak to us today.

  • Edwards on the Christian Life| Pastor Grossman| Facebook

    Jonathan Edwards is widely acclaimed as the greatest theologian in American History. This study explores the eighteenth century Puritan pastor’s view of the Christian life. His central idea is the beauty of God in all His attributes and activities. Edwards’ magnificent vision of God touches on every aspect of our lives in practical ways – enabling us to enjoy and reflect God’s beauty.